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The Repiping Process


Site Inspection

A Site Inspection is critical to a successful construction process. A standard quote usually includes the installation of all new hot and cold domestic water piping and replacing the main distribution system and branch lines to all existing finished fixtures.


System Layout

The system is then mapped and materials ordered as needed to complete the project.


Site Preparation

We will prepare the site so that all of your furniture, walls, flooring, and other belongings are protected.



The pipes of your home are replaced.


Performance Test

The new installed system is tested for proper operation. Final adjustments are made to assure a safe and efficient installation.


Wall Repair

Wall repair, painting, final cleaning, etc.


Job Completion

After final wall repair and cleanup, the plumber should walk you through the job and do a final inspection to ensure that all work is completed and in accordance with good and workmanlike construction.